Aerocon Wall Panel

AEROCON WALL PANEL is highly sustainable with a motive encouraging Eco-friendliness. Aerocon wall panels are made from recycled raw materials which are non-toxic in nature. It is certified 'Green' by IGBC and Girah. Aerocon panels have high thermal resistance and they are fire resistant. The material used in making Aerocon wall panel are consolidated with recycled materials and cement concrete to reduce the impact of extraction and processing of new material thereby reduces the cost material used by minimum 10%.

Aerocon wall panels are made out of the light-weight concrete core composed of cement fabricated from chalk and clay which hardens under water and when it is hard enough, it is colored in Portland stone. Bound by contains sparkling mica and sedimentary silica rocks. Aerocon wall panels reinforce themselves by the tongue and groove joint, which is a way of fitting alike objects together and edge to edge. Tongue and groove joint allows Aerocon wall panels to be connected strongly together to make a single smooth surface. It saves one-third of time spent on installation. It saves the need of sand, cement and curling machine. Aerocon wall panels reduce dead load weight on the structure as they are very light in weight which allows easy handling and erection of higher walls.

Aerocon wall panel is the interior designer’s consultancy’s first choice as they maximize the interior area by reducing the wall thickness giving greater usable area. Aerocon wall panels are used to build full-height partition and half-height partition, prefabricated structures, design walls and mezzanine floors. Aerocon wall panels are pre-cured and fully ready to install right away and a perfect substitute for drywall.

Aerocon Wall Panel
Aerocon Wall panel
Aerocon Wall panel
Aerocon Wall panel

Advantages of Aerocon wall panels are as follows:-

  • 1. Speeds up work: It speeds up the time taken in construction by 20 to 30 times as it is a pre-cured wall panel.
  • 2. High in strength: It is made of cement which makes it very durable and high in strength.
  • 3. Very safe: It is very safe to use as it is very light in weight, fire resistant, seismic (vibration) resistant.
  • 4. Amazing insulation power: Aerocon wall panels give you high sound insulation power. It is also much insulated when it comes to water-related issues.
  • 5. Cost efficient: It saves a lot in terms of labor, time, energy and space as well.
  • 6. Easy to work with: No special tools are needed to work on Aerocon wall panels and very less labor is required to raise them.
  • 7. Durable: Aerocon wall panels have high load holding capacity and its high strength ensures safety of the interior. Due to its low inertia force, it stands strongly by earthquake and wind blasts as the interlocking achieved by tongue and groove joints. Due to its Axial capacity, it is being used as a load-bearing structure by various constructor service providers.
  • 8. Climate resistant: Aerocon wall panels are highly resistant to fire, water, vibration due to earthquake and termites which secures the interior.
  • 9. Top surface finishing: As Aerocon wall panels have a very smooth surface giving a supreme finish. It gives an artistic finish and blends perfectly with every decorative work.
  • 10. Reusability: Aerocon wall panels are made of all reusable material hence they can be dismantled and reconstructed again to give a new form or design.
  • 11. Environment-friendly: Since they are made with recyclable material like fly-ashes and mica granules which makes its manufacturing hazard-free.

Aerocon wall panels are very high on savings. Approximately 40% of dead load is due to walling material. To hold this weight steel is used. Since Aerocon wall panels are very good at holding the dead load, it reduces the usage of steel. Manufactures of Aerocon wall panels built walls panels in such a way that they can directly be installed wherever they are supposed to be used.Hence it saves the messy work of plastering, bed mortar and joining the walls are not needed. This quality helps to make the construction very dry and less shabby.

Applications of Aerocon wall panels

Here are few applications of Aerocon wall panels:-

  • 1. It can be used for fast-track constructions.
  • 2. Perfect for medical company and educational institutes
  • 3. Ideal for construction of a Studio-apartment.
  • 4. A must for building a labor quarter.
  • 5. It is widely used for building a pre-fab building and site office.

Technical specifications and sizes

Properties Thickness
50mm 75mm
Dry weight/sq m in kg 35 50
Axial load 51 81
Spread of flame CLASS 1 CLASS 1
Sound co-efficiency 37 40