HIL Wall Panel

When it comes to wall paneling in design and architecture using a sophisticated treatment for ceilings, roofing doors, or outdoor boundaries, and applying a thin sheet of solid wood to create a partition or a wall surface treatment can be referred to as paneling.

Why go for wall panels?

Wall panels from HSA Design have a high structural strength and is a very easy product to install. This is a perfect solution against traditional walls that are not innovative and time-consuming. Ready-made or prefab wall panels have cement treated walls on both sides with an area of high-quality concrete located in the middle. They can help save space and are very environmentally friendly. They are often added and simulated using a steel frame blending with all types of exterior and interior applications. Once the job of fixing the wall panels is done, it is very difficult to identify whether a conventional wall or a ready-made wall panel material was used. That is why it is a cheaper and more efficient material option to choose.

HSA Design with Hill industry wall panels

HSA Design is the best solution for all your home requirements when it comes to manufacturing a house. Housing solutions with HSA design stand out in terms of quality since they are factory built for the use of machinery with skilled labor and the latest technology that gets immersed in the design, the material, and the home quality. We have teamed up with a company in Hyderabad that ranks as India’s no 1 name in building material and solution. Since HSA design, only believes in the best quality of housing material, we naturally pick the best partner to work with. HIL Limited is a company located in Hyderabad, their HIL wall panels are the best-known replacement for brick base walls. Hil wall panels are light-weight and can be adapted to permit any piping, electrical device, technical designs, fibre products, rooftop, and appliance wiring.

They can be fixed by using steel frames and a solution with cement that blends together on both sides. This can be done for interior or exterior walls. You won't believe, but once the finish is done, you may be astonished at the symmetrical resemblance of any traditional brick wall. HSA design and HIL Industry wall panels allow you to install gadgets like air conditioners, audio music equipment, TV and any furnishings can easily fit on the wall. We provide a list of HIL panel walls to match any prefabricated homes, partial height partitions, rooftop extensions, ceilings, mezzanine floors, etc.

These HIL wall panels have the best insulation, termite treatment and are fire resistant and water resistant as well. HIL being the most respected company brand for building solution in India has pioneered environmentally friendly building material to produce only the best possible wall panels, walling blocks, plywood, and housing solutions. These can be available in standard sizes like 8×2feet, 9×2feet and 10×2feet in 500mm and 75 mm thickness. Panels can be custom designed as per clients technical needs.

HIL Aerocon Panels are : -

  • 1. Water resistant
  • 2. Lightweight
  • 3. Fire resistant
  • 4. Sound Insulation
  • 5. Termite resistant
  • 6. Durable and strong service
  • 7. Environmentally friendly
  • 8. Space saving on area
  • 9. Building and assembling in a quick time frame

Types of Applications for HIL wall panel : -

  • 1. Partitions
  • 2. Malls and commercial places
  • 3. Educational institutions
  • 4. Government and defense
  • 5. Industrial and textile units
  • 6. Infrastructure
  • 7. Housing residential
  • 8. Low-cost housing services
  • 9. Accommodation units

Types of wall panels : -

  • 1. Prefab Structures
  • 2. Mezzanine Flooring
  • 3. Cladding
  • 4. Boundary / Fencing
  • 5. Fire Separation Walls

Quality production:

Our manufacturing quality at HSA Design for HIL wall panels permits 100% of a building to be inspected well before all the wall panels are to be installed. This is very important when installing near water areas to provide waterproofing and protection. Other details like the quality of wood and the quality of the materials are stringently checked based on international standards of wall panel technical requirements.

Why HSA Design for HIL wall panel?

  • 1. Genuine HIL wall panel
  • 2. High tech quality materials
  • 3. Variety of design choices
  • 4. Extremely better durability
  • 5. Easy to use installation
  • 6. Low maintenance

Wall panels offer the biggest benefit by concealing away any wires, piping, and cables or other such built-in components. Wall panels are equipped to hide anything with just a few cuts and careful custom fittings. Wall panels are definitely much easier than it resembles. Unlike other materials, wall panels don't have any grout lines or any exposed adhesives of installations. Many such Hil wall panels feature the clip and rail system or the tongue and groove system which makes fixing wall panels as easy as placing a block on top of the other. HIL wall panels have the best raw materials and hence the wall panel last long and require a minimal upkeep. The best and most important feature is the strong wear and tear capacity so it can withstand and protect your walls from any harsh environments. We offer a wide range of wall panels for external walls, boundary walls, and internal walls. Our walls are strong enough to support a vertical and horizontal load of the housing structure.

Sandwich wall panels:

In wall panel sandwich elements consist of two strong concrete layers with an application of the insulation layer in the middle. The external layer generally consists of architectural concrete. While the internal layer is designed for load bearing or non-load bearing elements.

Aerocon wall panels:

AEROCON Panel is a sandwich type of panel which is generally made up of two or more fibres that get reinforced cement sheets that face either side of a concrete core part. They are excellent alternatives for plywood, plasterboards, and brick walls because they are strong sheets bound together with water and fire resistance and easy to install possibilities.

HIL Wall Panel
HIL Wall Panel
HIL Wall Panel
HIL Wall Panel